Thank you for your interest in Bunkhouse Acres’ 2021 community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. The program is a partnership with Live Food for Live People and will run for 18 weeks from the first week in June to the end of September. You will receive a box of fresh vegetables, berries, and herbs grown here in Matlock, WA with the option of weekly ad-ons such as cut flowers, locally sourced lamb, preserves, and oysters. You will also be able to purchase handcrafted baskets for your weekly haul. The standard box is enough for a family of four and the mini box is for up to two people. I have committed to a sliding scale format which means lower-income families will pay $400 for a standard box, $300 for a mini box and other supporters will pay $600 for a standard box and $400 for a mini box for the entire 18 weeks. Please fill out this form to mark your commitment to the 2021 CSA and to provide any other feedback on the program. I am working on being able to accept EBT on a weekly basis, so please indicate if that is your preferred payment method. Please also indicate your skills and experience if you wish to do farm work in exchange for a CSA share. You will receive an invoice in January if we are able to serve your area. Thank you.

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