In the fall of 2017, I accepted a position with an airline headquartered in Cheyenne, WY, and moved to a job in Utah the following January. I have been working in Utah ever since; I am on an extended leave due to COVID, so I am home again this summer working on the farm full-time. It has been a blessing. Though it took much work to get my garden up and running after over two years of reduced activity, I am successfully growing an assortment of vegetables. I have been preparing a bed for garlic in the fall.

Rhubarb was the first thing I harvested when I returned to the farm in May. I shared with a neighbor and had more than enough to use in a cobbler and freeze for later in the summer.

I am always in awe of how this land rewards me even amid seeming neglect. Since coming home, I have harvested young garlic and green onions that volunteered from previous seasons, rhubarb, mint, thyme, and oregano. Two French Lavender plants that I thought would not have thrived are now doing excellently. I long for the day when I can devote most of my time to regenerative farming, but for now, I savor this summer that has been a welcome opportunity amid a global crisis.

Before the blackberries and raspberries ripen, the salmonberry comes with its mild, refreshing flavor to give us a glimpse of what the summer holds. We foraged these along the roadside near our alder grove.
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