The elephant garlic scapes in this rustic bouquet look exactly like an onion flower- elephant garlic is actually more closely related to leeks than garlic.

Growing garlic is doubly-rewarding since you are gifted with both pungent bulbs and delicious edible scapes. Garlic scapes are a delight of late spring and early summer on this homestead. They are the flower head of hardneck garlic and it’s essential that they are removed in order for the plant to focus its energy on producing a big, beautiful bulb. They can be pickled, chopped up and eaten raw in a salad, made into pesto or even roasted but my favorite preparation is simply sautéed. Just add butter.

 I was so happy to find that my garlic scapes were ready for harvest. They have been my favorite seasonal food since I discovered them when I first tried growing hardneck garlic a few years ago.
Just add butter


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